A Good On-Line Course to Begin SQL

Now that we have a computer and a database installed all by Microsoft, (or by yourself as we mentioned in this post), grab a cup of tea, let’s sit down to taste the sweetness of SQL.

This is a perfect course on Lynda.com for learning SQL:

SQL: Data Reporting and Analysis



Best part of this course¬† is it only focus on THE important¬† word for most users/learners: SELECT.¬† This course use MySQL. So, you don’t need to follow its example. Just use two hour to taste SQL and have an idea of how SQL works.

If you don’t have account in Lynda.com, you don’t need to sign up and spend money in order to watch this course video, because most public libraries in US provide free access to Lynda.com.

In my library (Charlotte Mecklenburg Library) website, when I search keyword Lynda.com, and click on the first link of the search result, I get this page:


Do you see FREE and ACCESS?


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