A very good article about Career Transition

I came across this series of 5 articles, titled 5 Steps To Transitions Your Career to Analytics,  written by Piyanka Jain, published in early 2015 on Forbes.com. I like them so much that I recommend it to everyone intending to have a career transition.

I like the detailed analysis of the issue. The author breaks down a job requirement to categories to mindset and skills. She further breaks skills to Analytical Skills, Tool Skills. This blog is about tool skills of SQL Server and its Business Intelligence stack. However, I will also include some of my thoughts about mindset and analytical skills, later.

Each of the five parts is worth reading, as it addresses stages of training and job searching. However, it is not very specific in some aspect. For example, in part 4, about how to writing a good resume, the author says at bulletin 7 ” Show the fire. Your resume should show enthusiasm and passion for what you do. That counts for more than having all the hard skills.” Although it is so important to “show the fire”, I am disappointed about the fact that there is no single explanation or example about how to show the fire.

Here is the link to Part 1:


Enjoy reading.


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