About Me

Hi! I’m Joann Hsu. Thanks for stopping by.

I started this blog to share my knowledge and experience of SQL Server and business intelligence. The content are basic and intended for beginners. The goal of this blog is to provide basic knowledge and links to resources for further learning. I hope that after reading my blogs, following instructions on recommended on-line resources, you will be equipped enough to attend and enjoy my favorite meetings described in this post. After you start to regularly attend user group meetings and SQL Saturday training, you don’t need to read my blog anymore because you will explore SQL Server and business intelligence in a faster pace than I do. The best place to start learning is Learning Path page, where how to learn and what to learn is discussed.

Besides encouraging you to learn SQL and business intelligence, this blog also encourage you to change—to take a career transition into data analytics arena. I will share my challenges, ideas and efforts of my career transitions. I want to use my own stories to fuel your journey.