AI and BI – Part 2

I found this serial posts about Power BI Q&A:

Part 2     Part 3

All these three posts make perfect sense for a SQL developer, who, just same as Power BI Q&A,  is happy to work with well-designed, normalized tables (this thought makes me terrified. who am I? A real intelligence or an artificial one?)

and this about link Cortana and Power BI together.


Now, I am still searching for my missing, most critical part—how power BI translate natural language to SQL (or MDX, or M). After I figure this out, I need to find how could I use this part free and freely :-))) Wait a second, I am closer now, with this video:

Embed Power BI Q&A into your application

I can use it, without knowing what’s behind it. Currently, I don’t understand a lot of this video. I need to expand my knowledge of app development in order to understand and use it. By the way, Guy in a Cube is a superb source for knowledge.

Now, I will say that this is the end of my AI/BI endeavor. I searched more and read more, but, I did not get any substantial knowledge to keep me going.

On the other hand, I designed a talk about this topic. It’s title will be: Mirror Mirror on the wall, who in this land is the fairest of all. From this well known phrase, I will ask audience about the table and the SQL statement. Then, I will ask this is all we need to be a magic mirror. No, AI to translate questions to SQL. Then, Cortana to translate voice into words… … I like my design. I hope someday, I will be able to expand the AI portion and deliver this topic.

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