AI and BI – Part 1

Immediately after Xbox 1X was on the market, the price of Xbox 1S dropped dramatically. However, my son only wanted the newest model. It was OK for him not to have an Xbox at all, but it was not acceptable for him to have an older version of Xbox.  I am in the same group with my son. I prefer to play the newest toy too. Excitedly, I announce my newest project: using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to answer BI (Business Intelligence) questions.

One moment, an idea (or an question) come into my mind: is it possible to get sql query after asking questions? I saw a similar feature in Power BI. I want to find out how it works and how far I can take it outside of Power BI. For next two weeks, I will work on this. Although I don’t know where I will end up with, I am excited because I am going to play a new toy named artificial intelligence.

Power BI Q&A feature introduction

I know that the Q&A is possible because data model is loaded into Power BI in first hand. So, I need to learn in greater details about data model. Then, I hope I can dive deep to learn how Power BI translate natural language to M. At last, I will see how I can use this knowledge to translate natural language to SQL.

If you want to know more about the development in this area, google search “AI to code SQL”.

From a mother’s point of view, Xbox 1X and Xbox 1S are exactly same, except for the price. From a learner’s point of view, AI and BI are same: I need to do the same thing—searching, reading articles, listening to on-line courses, writing blog to record my thoughts… … But, I am more motivated with AI as my goal.



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