Bridges between Excel and SQL

I have a good friend who loves using excel. I want to encourage her to learn some SQL and database queries. In this post, I will share the most important bridge from my known/familiar territory to my new territory. My “secret” bridge is GOOGLE. With the correct google search term set (utilizing one’s known knowledge), google will give answers that applicable to the unfamiliar knowledge. Little by little, and piece by piece, the knowledge of unfamiliar field become familiar and known. Today, the known territory is “Excel”. The new territory is “SQL”.

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Blogging and Personal Branding

As I am learning Cosmos DB and writing blog posts about it at the same time, future topics flood in for my future blogs, like “Data Bricks in 7 days”, “Maximize free 7 day training trial by Pragmatic Works”, “Learning Machine Learning in 7 days”, “R and Power BI Series” and so on. While my ideas are going more quickly than my time can let me work on, I want to encourage you to start establish your personal brand by blogging. I find that blogging is more rewarding than I expected. Continue reading “Blogging and Personal Branding”