Pick up blogging again

Time really flies when I am having fun. I can’t believe that it has been more than one years since my last post. I had a lot of fun during this period of time: implementing python and PySpark in my daily work, picking up data science codes, learning graph, giving presentation at local SQL server user group meeting… … As a result, I haven’t get anything done with this blog.

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Look at me! I made the fire!

In the movie Cast Away, the character (by Tom Hanks) danced and jumped around a bonfire on beach and shouted many times: “look at me! I made the fire!”, even though he knew that nobody could look at him at that isolated, far away island. He simply could not stop celebrating his exciting achievement. That is exactly same feeling on a late Friday afternoon, after I figure out how to solve two of my problems at same time. Those two problems are: first. let SSRS pass a parameter to a query in DB2, and second, that parameter could be one or several account_ID.

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Scheduling SQL Job with SSRS

Imagine this: you are  at an technical interview of a SQL developer position. The interviewer asks: tell me someway to schedule an SQL server job without using SQL Server agent. If I am at this kind of situation, I will be surprised by the question.  I probably will miss the question and only focus on find out the reason not to use SQL Server Agent.

The fun thing is: I am going to share our unconventional ways to schedule SQL jobs (so that you won’t be surprised when you are asked about it)

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