Learning Azure Cosmos DB in 7 days (4 – 7)

A few weeks ago, SpaceX’s rocket launch made into headlines. I am wandering, when Elon Musk first thought about learning about rocket, what goals were in his mind. If what he had had in his mind were like “Let me see whether we can use this technology to light up backyard BBQ burner from 10 yard away”, He would had missed the glorious moment of Falcon 9.

At the end of my third day, with a little knowledge of what Cosmos DB is, and how to add and query data from Azure portal and web app, I am asking myself these following questions: What I want to learn about next? Are they right goals? Can I achieve them? Am I getting myself closer to outer space or my backyard BBQ oven?

FIRST, I want to find how to easily integrate Cosmos DB data with relational database, to form a modern DW/BI environment. The idea comes from Mellisa Coates’ one day course, ” Architecting a Data Lake to Modernize Your Data Warehouse”. Can I do the same thing with Cosmos DB as what she did with Data Lake in that course?

I did not found a way to accomplish this goal with Azure portal page and SSMS settings. However, it is definitely within reach if I am very familiar with the SDKs Cosmos DB provided. Since using those SDKs are more a software programme’s job that a business intelligence architecture job, I decided to drop this “rocket” for now, as well as its corresponding “outer space”.

SECOND, I want to sharpen my SQL skills to be able to play more queries for JSON text. I found this page for instructions:


I also found this Query Playground: https://www.documentdb.com/sql/demo

Writing SQL on Query Playground does not require a Cosmos BD subscription. As my 7 days in the free trial now end,  I can only use this if I want to go further learning for free. On the other and, it is not too expensive to have a Cosmos DB. Probably less than $2 per day, only a little more expensive than my son’s Xbox. If I find it necessary, I will try the paid version and report to you what I find.

INCLUSION: In total, I spent less than 2 hours for these four days because of other commitments . I found something useful but I did not make solid progress toward my rocket construction. I have to accept my situations wisely: I won’t even reach the my BBQ stove, let alone outer space, at the end of my seven days.

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