Learn Azure Cosmos DB in 7 days (1)

Why Cosmos DB?

Yesterday, I went to “Beer and BI Social Event” organized by Charlotte BI Group. After one lady from Microsoft knew that I was searching for a job, she happily asked “do you know Cosmos DB”? “Oh, no?! “, I though, “I just proved myself in SQL Server with certificate and now nobody cares about SQL Server anymore?! ” She was very kind and encouraging after I explained my “achievement”. But, I decided to find out more about Cosmos DB, to show my can-do attitude, and as always, for fun.

Why in 7 days?

First, it is easy for me to focus on learning and to write blog posts about it if I give myself some deadline. Second, there is a free trial for Cosmos DB now. The free trial is 7 days long. Third, I am curious about how much I can learn this new toy in 7 days. I plan to learn it for 3 hour every day and share my experience, so that other people will have an idea and make their study plans accordingly.

How did I learn Cosmos DB on 1st day?

By reading Microsoft document closely, I started my first day of learning. I navigated the manual on the left side and gained a basic idea. I watched 15 minutes of Youtube video about Gitbub, because sample application need to be cloned from Github and I am not sure how to do it. I installed Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition as directed on on the Quickstart session. I tasted the Azure portal of Cosmos DB, especially the Data Explorer part. I pasted some code there but it did not run as I expected. It seemed to be a good, fruitful day.



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