Learn Azure Cosmos DB in 7 days (3)

The more Cosmos DB documentation I read, the more excited I get. I feel like I am inside of  a huge amusement park. There are lots of things I can play and want to play (like import and query data). There are also things that I don’t have ability to play yet, like MongoDB and Graph API. After I read this page, I even have a park-hop ticket in hand, like hopping into Azure web app development. 

The main page I read and applied today is here:


I installed the Document DB Migration Tool in my computer;

Imported a csv file (with 3 records) to Cosmos DB;

Imported a table (with 203 records) from SQL server to Cosmos DB.

And I found these answers to the question I had in my mind before:

  1. Every record will be used as a “document”. So, I loaded 206 documents today.
  2. System will generate an “id” for each documents. Because all my “document” don’t have an “id” before. I did not experience any problem. And, as I was writing, I tried to load data with duplicate “id” and it failed. But, column named “ID” is accepted as a none “id” column thus duplicate value is OK.
  3. I used this connection string for my local SQL Server for Windows Authentication:   Data Source = DESKTOP-AQAA1O7\SQLSERVER;Initial Catalogue = Movies; Trusted_Connection=Yes;

Overall, the documentation is written well and it is easy to follow and to learn from it.

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