Learning Path

Many years ago, when I taught myself about SAS, I had two books in hand, and two questions in mind—how to get the software, how to get more data to practice those skills I obtained from reading books.

For learners of SQL server and business intelligence in general, I think it is important to have answers of these similar questions. This page provides a map to my version of many answers. Unlike posts, which usually appear on page in chronic order, this page sorts my posts in logic order for learner to get an easy start.


Learning StepsLearning AreaTools from Microsoft Tools from Other Companies
1InstallationEasiest way(highly recommended)

SQL server installation

Azure platform

sample data
Oracle 12g installation
AWS platform
Most Basic
3ETL toolSSISInformatica
4Analysis and ReportingSSAS
5Self-Service BIPower BITableau
7Big DataAzure Data Lake
8Machine Learning