Growth Mindset

I organize all the technical posts about SQL and business intelligence with Learning Path. In the same way, I want to organize my career and personal branding development post with this Mindset Map page.

Career TransitionArticle on
Article 2
Book 1
Book 2
Example 1
Example 2
Career DevelopmentMeeting 1
Meeting 2
Personal BrandingBlog Writing
Book 1
Book 2

InspirationInspiration 1
Inspiration 2
Exam PreparationWhy
How (a)
How (b)

I feel encouraged when I read this sentense on a page :

  • 32% of full-time data scientists started learning machine learning or data science through a MOOC, while 27% were self-taught. (source: Kaggle, 2017)

I am blogging about my own try and error in learning and improving with this website. One day, someone (who most likely belong the 27% self-taught group) might find my organized information useful. Isn’t that encouraging?