Project Ideas

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”                ——Confucius

Watching video and reading articles about SQL Server and business intelligence are not enough. I find that the most effective way of learning is doing. For this reason, I have found these several projects to practice and internalize all the concepts.

  1. Extent AdventureWorksDW InternetSaleFact table to over 1 million record. Currently, it has about 640,000 record.     On this page, you will find a file to create and populate Sales.SalesOrderHeaderEnlarged.  This post, on the other hand, will give you a big  resalersales fact table in AdventureWorksDW. Both of these posts use T-SQL. I want to try this project in my own way, mainly use SSIS and BIml.  (I has been excited about BIml, ever since I heard an introductory talk by Andy Leonard on SQL Saturday meeting last year. What more exciting is that I have then got exposed to more automation application cases—the separation of algorithm and objects—in DevOps and Powershell.)

2. Use DevOp and BIml together to check loading accuracy to several tables.

3. Develop SQL statement for customer maping report. Customer should contain both those with orders, and those without orders. The one with orders should be easily achieved by using AdventureWorksDW fact tables. But the one without orders should go back to use SQL join statement for tables in AdventureWorks.

I write down these ideas, so that you could try too. If you have a good idea of projects to help learning and practice, leave me a comment and we could all learn from it.



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