Some Topics that I am interested recently

As I learn, I feel two strong different interests drawing me.

First, I am interested in learning BIml. BIml brings the automation and the separation of objects and algorithm into ETL part of business intelligence.

Second, I am interested in deepening my skills in data visualization. I especially like this book, Storytelling with Data by  Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic. 

So, I will try to bring these two into my own interest: report automation. I will research how to automate (or at least semi-automate) SSRS and Power BI report generation. I will share my queries into this topic with you along the way. you probably will see that some of my effort  turns out to be wasteful or useless, and some brings in real progress. I don’t know how far this will lead me. But I am eager to share the journey with you.

Today, I searched “automated reporting by VBA” and studied these twovideos:

This website gives good examples and shares the VBA code for learners to digest on their own. I, on the other hand, hope that the examples are fancier. I conclude that there is not so many fun in excel automation :-))

Tomorrow, I will google “how to do automated reporting in Power BI” and study the results.




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