Suggestion for Career Transition Example 1

I have a friend, who wants to find a job data field. We discussed about her background. She did marketing strategy and implement for several years.  So, I come up with this path for her.

First, to know the popular tools currently used by employers. Of course, is the best place for this task by researching “marketing data analysis”. And she already knows that the answer—- R, SAS, python, etc.

Second, research “sample data sets for market data analysis” on google to get a project for herself. I found this page:

It contains a data set and IBM way of analyze it. Even though I did not play with IBM Watson myself, I can tell it is a good tool for a beginning learner. She can go through the whole process of data analysis and visualization through a graphic user interface (GUI).

Third, choose one flavor of “R” (my recommendation is SQL Server R, because she can learn database and R at same platform). The goal is to achieve all the Watson analysis and visualization though coding with R, on the same data set.

During these several steps, she will know all area that she is not good at and can further pursue her interest based on that knowledge.

I will go to a discussion about women in technology on 11/15/2017. The topic about woman in technology has drawn attentions and different people apply different approaches. Both  Kellyn Pot’vin-Gorman  and Lindsay Clark  advocate and educate next generation women. I am trying to do my share, encouraging career transitioners and relaunchers, through this blog.

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